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Biomethane injection survey launched

Today, 13th September, sees the launch of a new survey on grid entry restrictions for biomethane producers.

ADBA have partnered with researcher Alison Ireland on a research project to better understand the scale and extent to which biomethane producers are being prevented from injecting to grid. There are many examples where grid access has been restricted due to either grid pressures, CV limits, CO2 limits or gas temperature and this research aims to understand the scale of these problems and how they are impacting on biomethane producers.

The research has been commissioned by Utonomy, whose technology manages pressures in grid networks, ‘… to make use of the storage capacity in the medium pressure network in order to match supply and demand over a 24-hour period and thereby to accept an increased biomethane injection rate. This is a similar approach to the one used on the high-pressure networks, which use linepacking and storage to smooth out the diurnal variation in demand. The pressure in the MP network could be lowered during the evening to create the maximum storage capacity.’

In order to understand the scale of the problem we need as much feedback from industry as possible and ask that all biomethane producers fill out this survey:

Outcomes of the research paper will be made available through ADBA.

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