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Spring Budget: Highlights for AD

On 15th March 2023 Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered the Spring Budget 2023, which he deemed his "Budget for Growth". His speech to parliament reflected on the importance of renewables in enhancing energy security, though focussed predominately on the expansion of…

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Industrial grade CO2 BSI standard

Bio-CO2 from AD plants can be captured and sold to the industry. So far, many AD plants are selling their biogenic CO2 to different industries, including food and beverage. RPS255 gives some guidance in England to capture, store, treat and/or…

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EA increase storage tonnage in CO2 RPS 255

The regulatory position statement (RPS) 255 sets out the Environment Agency’s enforcement position for the capturing, treatment, storage and use of CO2 derived from AD. It is about carbon dioxide (CO2) that meets food and beverage or industrial grade standards…

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