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Energy tycoon increases stake in Kirk Group


Green energy tycoon Simon Rigby has increased his stake in Kirk Group to 66.6%, becoming the largest shareholder.

Established in 2003 Kirk Group is now a global specialist in liquid and biogas storage solutions for the water, wastewater, anaerobic digestion and biogas industries, working in partnership with specialist technology providers throughout the world to construct a range of projects from simple water storage tanks, to complex schemes using biowaste for the production of biogas as a renewable energy source.

Simon Rigby initially invested in the company in 2011, with a stake of 33.3% with an investment of £2million, providing a huge boost to the business and an important link in a portfolio of renewable energy investments.

Committed to supporting local businesses and has a passion for the renewable energy sector, with huge plans for development Simon Rigby commented:

Kirk managed a fantastic turnkey project at Farmgen two, our AD facility at Dryholme near Silloth in Cumbria.


The standard design for our roll out, and therefore when a share became available we were very pleased to lift our holdings. Kirk was principal contractors on Farmgen two which is performing ahead of forecast.

Prior to completion of Simon’s increased investment, Kirk Group secured a significant contract in the anaerobic digestion industry in South East Asia. The £2m contract will see Kirk deliver five 7,000 m³ digesters with BIODOME® roofs and five smaller storage tanks on a state-of-the-art biogas project in Indonesia. Kirk has constructed in excess of 50 plants across the UK and a further 15 through BIODOME® ASIA in the Asia Pacific region.

Andrew Peace, Managing Director said:

We are very pleased that Simon has chosen to increase his investment in the company. This is fantastic news for all the staff, suppliers and customers and with his support we have very solid plans for the development of the business, both in the UK and overseas. I am very positive that the business will experience substantial growth in the next few years.

Bill Leach, Chief Executive, Kirk Group added:

This is a very positive step towards the growth plans we have in place for Kirk Group and I am looking forward to leading the team through this exciting period.

Michael Darch, Group Finance Director of Simon Rigby’s business interests has also been appointed to the Board of Directors.

Simon whose portfolio also includes energy specialists The LG Energy Group, Farmgen and a range of companies throughout the healthcare, procurement and travel sector, came from a dairy farming background before forming Spice PLC in 1996. In 2010 Simon sold his stake in Spice PLC, forming the GreenGen group.

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