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German technology used in British biogas plants


BioConstruct GmbH from Germany were able to sign a contract in 2012 to build a BioConstruct plant in England in cooperation with a British partner company, Earthly Energy, thus laying the foundations for expanding their business activities in the UK.

Already in spring this year, construction work for the biogas plant located near Middlesbrough was commenced. The plant’s operating principle is based on the fermentation of wastes and is bound to create major advantages for the surrounding region of Teesside. On the one hand, the plant will feed the generated energy exclusively into the national grid, on the other, the local agricultural sector will benefit from the nutrient-rich fermented substrate as a cost-effective alternative to mineral fertilisers. Solutions for optimised heat use are also in the works.

An impressive plant – its capacity of 5.1 MW alone will make it one of the largest of its kind in the UK. Greensphere Capital LLP are acting as investors in this project and have engaged the Earthly Energy Group and BioConstruct as location, technology and plant developers. In total, six further plants are to be set up in England within the next five years. This represents a significant step forward in BioConstruct’s company history, for the German company is aiming at convincing more clients in the UK, once the project has been successfully completed.

In order to strengthen its British market entry, BioConstruct will be present at the important British exhibition UK AD & Biogas 2013. At their joint stand, BioConstruct and the Earthly Energy Group will inform about the project.

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