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GGSS draft guidance – Released for comment

This week, Ofgem have published the draft guidance for the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) – click here to view in full.

This document provides guidance for any biomethane producer who is either planning on applying or has already applied to the GGSS.

Within this guidance, Ofgem include information that will be relevant in the first few months of operation and explain key aspects of its administration. It includes details of:

  • how to apply for a tariff guarantee
  • how to register as a scheme participant once commissioned
  • tariff rates, tiering and start dates
  • ongoing obligations on participants
  • how to submit periodic data and receive payments
  • the audit regime and compliance processes

Request for feedback

As a draft, it is considered a ’live’ document by Ofgem, who are seeking feedback from the AD industry to help improve its usefulness. Any amendments will be published in an updated version during the scheme’s next phase – due early 2022.

Ofgem emphasise that this is not a consultation – all decisions regarding the scheme’s initial design (BEIS) and administration (Ofgem) have been concluded. Note, BEIS will be launching a mid-scheme review to address any issues and improve its overall design. A consultation is expected mid-2022.

Nevertheless, Ofgem are seeking insight on the following questions:

  1. The overall tone of the guidance – is the draft guidance easy to read and understand? Are there any sections which could be better explained?
  2. Is the draft guidance clear and easy to use?
  3. Are there any sections of the draft guidance which are ambiguous?


Please send any feedback to Nick Primmer (Lead Analyst) at – who will be regularly engaging with Ofgem.

You can also respond directly to Ofgem’s GGSS team at


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