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KWS maize variety Piadin trials results 2013


KWS trialled Piadin applied at 4.5L/ha in replicated plots on all 49 biogas and forage maize varieties at three separate locations in the UK. This trial included numbered and new un-named candidate varieties some of which we are not allowed to publish.

Piadin had a dry matter yield benefit on 48 of 49 varieties (a very positive and consistent result) – with the largest yield benefit on Ronaldinio of 3.9t/ha increase

To put this into perspective:


Piadin at 4.5L/Ha (£5.00/L) = £22.50/ha

Maize worth approx. £32.00/t

Total worth to grower minus Piadin cost (32 x 3.9 – 22.50) = £102.30/ha over untreated

John Burgess (KWS UK Product Manager) commented on the trials:

The clear effect of Piadin is on yield at harvest. It is very obvious that your cost per tonne with Piadin treated is less than untreated. You can certainly boost the yield especially on earlier varieties. Visual effects may not always be noticed in the field but in every 49 varieties bar one there was a benefit and certainly outweighed the input cost.


For Fabregas, Ricardinio and Ronaldinio the effect on yield is very clear – as you can see in the results. The effect on DM Content is negligible and that’s important because a treated crop will not affect the dry matter and using Piadin will not result in a wetter crop. It’s a consistent data set across 3 locations and that is very positive.

Please click here for variety list and results with maize crop gross margins of Piadin applied vs untreated.

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