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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – 10/10 for Börger pumps at Singleton Birch biogas plants

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – 10/10 for Börger pumps at Singleton Birch biogas plants

At three Singleton Birch biogas plants in Northern Lincolnshire, four rotary lobe pumps made by Börger have completed 10 years of uninterrupted service.

Operating at the main Singleton Birch 2MW site in Barnetby, which has three 2800m3 digesters, two Börger pumps are an important part of a process that at full power utilises imported maize (70 ton), sugar beet (40 ton) and chicken litter (10 ton) for its feedstock.

Part of the main AD plant at Singleton Birch where Borger pumps have completed 10 years of service

Established in 2014, and then expanded two years later with a third digester, additional silage clamps and two more CHP engines, the principal Singleton Birch facility contributes 86% of the power required for the 2.3 hectares Singleton Birch site, which for over two centuries, has produced high quality lime products.

Danny Mason Renewable Energy Manager at Birch Energy says that the Borger pumps are very reliable and easy to maintain

At two smaller (500kW) AD plants at Elsham, near Scunthorpe, and Willoughton, near Lincoln, a Börger pump operates at each, transferring liquid feed overflow into a drying system.

Over the years, we’ve developed a very good partnership with Börger,” said Danny Mason, Renewable Energy Manager at Birch Energy.

The equipment is very reliable; easy to maintain, and when we need spares or just a bit of advice, Börger’s Richard Marcinkowski is just a ‘phone call away; always ready to help us out. This gives us great peace of mind that our AD operation won’t be affected by any downtime.

He added: “The pump application here means that wear and tear is inevitable, but Börger always keep right on top of the servicing schedule and the flow of spare parts, so that we are never without.”

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