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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Ekogea Concentrators installed at Nomansland Biogas

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Ekogea Concentrators installed at Nomansland Biogas

Ekogea has completed the commissioning of its award winning feedstock micronisation system at Nomansland Biogas Plant in Devon. The installation of Ekogea’s innovative Concentrator digestate de-watering technology has started, alongside Ekogea’s small-footprint H2e Waste Water Treatment system for grey-water polishing.

Ekogea Concentrators at Nomansland Biogas ready for commissioning

The twin Concentrators (fitted with the Vogelsang Ltd pumps shown) are part of a retrofit of Ekogea’s full ‘end-to end’ modular AD process optimisation technology to the operational biogas site. This includes milling and micronisation units for feedstock preparation (commissioned end of April) as well as ‘back-end’ concentrator and WWT post-digestate clean-up, allowing excess ‘polished’ grey-water to be discharged to waterway.

The site has adapted well to Ekogea’s system installation and upgrade, and will be ramping up feeding over the coming weeks.

Ekogea technology, alongside #BioComplex additive dosing, will help to improve biological efficiency, increase targeted biogas yield by up to 40% from higher poultry waste feedstocks, and optimise a wider range of feedstocks into the future.

For more information on Ekogea’s award winning AD optimisation processes, please contact:
Ian Cain, Director, at e: or tel: 07850 032972

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