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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – SEaB Energy: AD pioneer wins opportunity to collaborate with Shimizu Corporation

SEaB Energy have entered into commercial discussions with Japanese construction giant Shimizu to develop compact AD solutions following a UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme reverse pitch.

In a typical reverse pitch set-up, a highly established corporation first asks tech start-ups to propose solutions to challenges they are facing. In a follow-up meeting the multinational assesses the results which have been created by start-ups. If they find something unique, then the company decides to partner with the start-up.

At the UK-APAC event, representatives from Shimizu set out their plans to collaborate with UK tech companies to advance the corporation’s ‘Vision of 2030’ sustainable business strategy.

The Vision 2030 includes commitments to build strong and resilient infrastructure, provide built-environments that enhance health and well-being, use sustainable energy and promote of energy-saving, energy creation and ZEB (zero energy) facilities.

Ten companies – selected from among the UK’s leading sustainability tech startups – then presented how its technology could support Shimizu’s vision, before participating in a Q&A session.

Shimizu selected SEaB Energy as the winner because of its innovative, compact, easy-to-install anaerobic digestion systems housed in shipping containers. The systems are already being installed globally, both by SEaB Energy directly and through distribution and licensing agreements.

Sandra Sassow, SEaB Energy’s CEO, said, “We’re thrilled that Shimizu recognised the value creation opportunity of using sustainable energy and reducing CO2 emissions via our waste-to-energy technology. Our various sized platforms and the significant reduction in emissions they deliver will help Shimizu win new construction orders and further promote the use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources. This aligns with the corporation’s ‘Vision of 2030’ to realise a sustainable society.”

The UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme provides free and subsidised support to technology companies aspiring to enter one or more of 11 markets: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. It is delivered on behalf of the government by international business development consultancy Intralink.

Companies can apply to participate here.

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