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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Gemidan Ecogi A/S wins Danish food waste contract

Following a Danish EU public procurement, Gemidan Ecogi A/S (Gemidan) have been awarded a contract for the supply of their high-performing ECOGI food waste pre-treatment technology. 

Under this contract a new processing facility will be established to treat 24,000 tpa of domestic food waste mixed with up to 20% kerbside collected garden waste.

The facility will receive feedstock from six municipalities from the southern area of Zealand, Denmark. The ability to process mixed food and garden waste will be a key factor in enabling new and existing municipal collection services to be developed in this area of Denmark. The facility will play a major role in the municipalities achieving their EU-based recycling target of 50% by 2022.

Process flexibility in dealing with a mixed food and garden waste feedstock combined with a tried and tested pre-treatment technology and low OPEX provided the winning formula in the award of this contract. This combination gave Gemidan a significant competitive advantage when fending off the international competition involved in this procurement.

Delivery of this contract will also require Gemidan to go beyond the normal design, supply and installation of the ECOGI technology. In addition, a comprehensive maintenance support service will be provided that guarantees the replacement of all spare parts during the first two years' operation of the equipment.

The environmental performance of the new ECOGI facility benefits from an onsite energy-from-waste operation and a supply of process water from a nearby water treatment plant. The high-quality pulp-based substrate produced will be distributed to local AD facilities producing biogas upgraded for injection into the Danish natural gas distribution grid.  

The purity of the substrate that ECOGI produces ensures the nutrient-rich and contaminant-free digestate-based fertiliser can be used on nearby farmland without risk of pollution to complete the recovery cycle.

The ECOGI pre-treatment technology has been developed over the last four years based on the knowledge and experience gained from operating a commercial-scale facility in Holsted, Denmark. ECOGI has proved to be very effective in processing food waste:

  • containing up to 20% contamination;
  • to recover over 95% of the available organic content for energy generation;
  • by producing a pulp-based substrate that is 99.9% free of non-organic contaminants.

The above claims have been independently and formally verified through the EU ETV programme for new and developing environmental-based technologies.

To find out more about the operational and environmental benefits ECOGI delivers please visit

UK contact:

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