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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Rika Biofuels establishes sister company to offer straw processing tech

Rika Biofuels is bringing the Bioextruder to the UK market through sister company Rika Biogas Technologies (RBT). The Bioextruder is a simple, cost-effective and commercially proven technology that processes straw and other lignocellulosic materials, such as low-quality grass or cereal husks, for use as an AD feedstock. There are around 200 Bioextruders operating on biogas plants throughout the Continent. The equipment destroys the cell wall structure of the material through a thermo-mechanical process akin to steam explosion (but without the needed for added heat), allowing bacteria access to organic matter which would otherwise be locked away.

Long-running tests carried out by Rika on a small-scale pilot digester are showing results of over 400m3/fresh tonne of extruded dry straw, allowing substantial volumes of energy crop to be substituted for straw, thus creating significant cost savings to AD plants. Tests have also shown that bioextrusion can increase biogas yields from maize by up to 15%.

The equipment can easily be retrofitted to operational AD plants and can achieve a typical payback of 2-3 years, depending on scale and application. The Bioextruder presents an exciting opportunity for AD operators to optimise the financial performance of their plants, whilst also allowing plants to meet new sustainability criteria that demand 50% of a plant’s feedstock must be waste or crop residues.

RBT has partnered with Birch Energy who bring engineering and design skills to the team as well as a service capability from their existing team of service engineers.

Company and contact details:

Rika Biogas Technologies Ltd

01746 714704

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