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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Irish Cleantech Firm NVP Energy recognised by the UK Energy & Water Sectors

NVP Energy (NVPE) is a clean-tech company that has developed an innovative technology that can turn wastewater (WW) into a revenue generator for end users in the municipal and industrial WW industries. NVP Energy was recently the recipient of two prestigious awards from the UK Energy and Water sectors not to mention a substantial grant from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change  (DECC).

On the 21st of April, NVP Energy was announced the winner of the Most Innovative New Technology of the Year award at the Water Industry Achievement (WIA) Awards. The WIA awards reward outstanding innovation in the UK Water industry, in particular technologies that are seen to be breaking new ground and exceeding customer expectations.

NVP Energy was subsequently awarded its 2nd innovation award in two days when it was announced the winner of the Innovation Award for Energy from Waste at the Environment & Energy (E&E) Awards on the 22nd of April. The E&E awards recognise the top UK and Irish companies who push the boundaries of innovation and showcase the very best advancements in green technologies.

According to NVP Energy’s Managing Director, Michael Murray:

Winning these awards is a testament to the unique and innovative nature of the Lt-AD technology and these recent awards reinforce the technological and environmental benefits the Lt-AD technology can bring to the global wastewater and energy industries.

In addition to this recognition, NVP Energy has also been formally awarded the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) from DECC thus further reinforcing the high calibre of the Lt-AD technology. The EEF grant will financially support the delivery of a full scale Lt-AD reactor at a UK Food & Drinks wastewater treatment plant by March 2016. Speaking after the signing of the offer letter, Michael Murray M.D. said:

This is a hugely important milestone for NVP Energy as it will allow us to validate the technology at full-scale at a time when wastewater treatment plant operators are seeking new superior wastewater treatment technologies.

Once the project is complete, the demonstration reactor will showcase the Lt-AD system and the commercial benefits to the target markets (Food & Drink wastewater; Municipal wastewater) as prospective end-users will be able to visit the site during the project and witness the benefits of the technology at first hand for themselves.

These recent awards and grant successes follow the success NVP Energy had at the start of the year when it was one of only 155 companies out of 2662 companies throughout Europe to be awarded Horizon 2020 Phase 1 SME funding.

NVP Energy Contact Information

Michael Murray, Managing Director 
T. +353 (0)87 667 7007



NVP Energy Background

NVP Energy’s technology, Lt-AD (Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion) treats low strength wastewater in a sustainable way (it is carbon neutral and energy positive), removes up to 90% of the organic sludge and recovers valuable biogas in the process that is 100% available to the end user for onsite electricity and/or heat generation. Lt-AD is the first to market, high-rate AD technology that successfully treats low strength WW at ambient temperatures. This is a new market for high-rate AD, as low strength WW streams do not possess the biogas production capabilities required to heat the systems to traditional mesophilic temperatures (>35°C).

NVP Energy was founded in 2013 after 15 years’ academic research at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), during which time Lt-AD’s feasibility on various waste streams including municipal, dairy, brewing, malting & distilling, meat processing was validated, and the technology was advanced from a laboratory-scale concept to a full-functioning pilot-scale plant.

To date, over €6.0 million in grant support has been awarded for Lt-AD R&D research, and over 40 research articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Lt-AD has also been independently validated by Harvard University and Imperial College London. The technology has been proven in industry at pilot-scale, with over 2 years of successful on-site trials completed. Trials have displayed excellent WW treatment efficiencies and biogas yields that leads NVP Energy onto the next stage of development – full-scale deployment.

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