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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: The Ricardo Energy & Environment Biogas GHG Calculator

Operators claiming RHI payments for biomethane injected to the grid will need to report their GHG emissions from October 5th 2015. Government has developed a tool the ‘Solid and Gaseous Biomass Carbon Calculator’ which can be used to calculate emissions. This tool focuses on solid biomass use for heat and electricity and follows a structure originally developed for bioliquids. This has led to a number of issues identified by biomethane developers trying to use this tool. Against this background, Ricardo Energy & Environment developed a new GHG calculation tool in conjunction with the industry. It is specifically designed to be more:

  • Flexible
  • Transparent
  • User friendly

Biomethane developers have reviewed and tested the tool to ensure that it provides appropriate flexibility and functionality to meet the specific needs of the sector. This review also confirms that the Ricardo Energy & Environment tool gives outcomes that align with the government tool and is thus compliant with the statutory reporting requirements.

As a result the tool offers biomethane project developers and their advisors a number of benefits:

  • It saves significant time relative to using the existing tool
  • It can be used as a predictive tool to ‘model’ feedstocks and systems to optimise outcomes.
  • It reduces developer risks.

As a commercial tool, it is also capable of being continuously developed by the industry.

How can I make use of the Ricardo Energy & Environment Biogas GHG Calculator?

We are now making the Ricardo Energy & Environment Biogas GHG Calculator available at a price of £2,500 + VAT per site. The price is set specifically to make it a cost effective option to the existing tool based on the time saving alone.
The tool will be locked to a single Ofgem reference number and site name. We understand that some of our customers are undertaking GHG calculations at more than one site. For this reason, we are offering the option to buy additional licenses for the reduced price of £1,250 + VAT per additional site.

The tool will be supplied with a user guide. If necessary, one-to-one training on the use of the tool will be available from Ricardo Energy & Environment at additional cost on an hourly basis. This support can be ordered after you have received the tool.

The user club

In light of interest from the industry, we are also offering to facilitate a User Club with the objective of:

  • Sharing best practice in using the Ricardo Energy & Environment Biogas GHG Calculator.
  • Providing updates to the tool as they become available
  • Identifying developments and additions to the tool to further improve its functionality
  • Acting as a forum to provide evidence based feedback to Ofgem and DECC about policy in this area.

In the first year we will hold four meetings, two in London and two by Skype. The fees collected will also be used to pay for future development of the tool against a specification agreed by Members. The annual cost of membership is £995 + VAT, reviewed annually.


To place an order for the Ricardo Energy & Environment Biogas GHG Calculator tool and to apply for User Club Membership, please complete the attached forms and return them to Dr Paul Maryan Ricardo Energy & Environment, Gemini Building, Fermi Avenue, Harwell, Didcot OX11 0QR or by email to

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