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New milestones for the GGSS

Digital delivery

As the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) nears one year from its launch, there has been a significant milestone in the digital delivery of the scheme.

The digital team on Ofgem has finalised their work on the state 3 application functionality on the GGSS application portal. This new update enables the applicants of the scheme to progress through all three stages of their application online. Any applicant who is in stage 2 of their application can now progress to stage 3 online with ease.

Moreover, the applicants now have the facility to receive application approval and make periodic data submissions online in order to receive their payments as well. With 10 applications sitting at stage 2, we now hope to see more plants moving to the third and final stage.

Mid-scheme review and post-GGSS support

On the topic of the GGSS, the scheme’s mid-scheme review has just been scheduled. According to BEIS, they are planning to make any necessary improvements under the review, aiming to ensure that the GGSS continues to operate effectively to ensure that the GGSS continues to operate effectively throughout the duration of the scheme. While we are focusing on lobbying BEIS for the mid-scheme review, we are also prioritising the post-scheme support that would come available as the participants will reach the end of the support in the coming couple of years.

Under their policy developments for post-scheme, they are prioritising feedstock availability and use, barriers to growth, and demand and end-uses for biomethane across the economy, in order to provide a holistic policy mechanism as the scheme comes to an end. This will be discussed further during our National Conference which is just around the corner.

For more information about the National Conference – Click here

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