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New partnerships agreement for Kirk Group


Kirk Group, a global specialist in liquid and biogas storage, have signed a strategic partnership agreement with the UK’s leading membrane fabrication company Power Plastics.

This new investment will result in the production of Kirk’s double membrane gas holder, BIODOME® in the UK, providing greater controls on quality and testing prior to site installation.

Kirk have installed state-of-the-art welding machinery at Power Plastics providing them with the equipment necessary to make Kirk’s specialist biogas membranes.

Power Plastics have invested in their manufacturing facility increasing its size by 33% demonstrating that both companies are committed to the partnership. The joint investment of both companies has reached a total in excess of half a million pounds.

Kirk will incorporate the biogas membranes into their overall BIODOME® storage solution, managed and constructed on-site by their dedicated site installation team or by their network of carefully selected distributors, to provide a finished installation of the highest possible quality.

Andy Beetles, managing director, Power Plastics said:

This partnership has many benefits for the industry. The quality of our manufacturing along with Kirk Group’s design, engineering and project management skills, will improve the supply of the finished product to the global client base, which is demanding an ever improving service.

This new partnership has been further enhanced by a long term agreement with Verseidag Gmbh, an international company that brings together unique expertise in high-performance materials combined with cutting edge production technology. Verseidag Gmbh will manufacture the biogas fabrics to a very highly designed and detailed specification which is not available to any other biogas membrane provider, resulting in a new level of technical performance and safety benefits never before available in the industry.

Andrew Peace, managing director, Kirk Group said:

We consider this whole investment and partnership agreement to represent the most significant advancement in our industry for many years.


The combination of skills, experience and innovation will raise the bar on the level of quality, service and performance in the global biogas storage industry. The distribution and framework agreements, together with the working partnerships we currently have with our clients will benefit greatly from a unique synergy that will significantly enhance the technical performance, safety and design life of any project.


We find ourselves at the forefront of an emerging global renewable market, where anaerobic digestion and biogas use have a significant role to play and we are proud to have bought specialist product production back to the UK, demonstrating that British manufacturing, engineering and expertise can compete on a truly global scale whilst setting new technical and performance standards in this ever growing, evolving and exciting industry.

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