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On-farm AD passes 200 plant milestone – ADBA figures

The UK’s biogas sector has passed a major milestone, with over 200 plants now operating on UK farms according to ADBA's latest figures.

The landmark was reached with the opening of JFS’ latest agricultural plant. Supported by Prism Planning Ltd, the Gravel Pit Farm plant in North Yorkshire is now on-stream, producing sustainable energy and recycling nutrients from cow manure, chicken muck and spoilt grain and straw.

When ADBA was founded in 2009, there were 19 biogas plants on farms across the country. However, applications for planning permission are now falling as the industry reacts to reductions in renewable energy support. Full figures will be published in ADBA’s latest Market Report at UK AD & Biogas on 6 July.

Matt Flint, Director, JFS, commented:

“We have developed and remain involved operationally with ten AD plants in the UK and have seen first-hand the real life benefits this diversification can bring to our farming partners. Contributing to the renewable energy targets for the UK has been rewarding, exciting and often frustrating in equal measure, but we remain hopeful that the future is bright for the farming anaerobic digestion industry. We will continue to strive towards the renewable energy goals that we are confident AD can produce/deliver.”

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of ADBA, commented:

“Anaerobic digestion is a proven technology which the Committee on Climate Change has said is essential for decarbonising our farming sector – cutting emissions from manures, slurries and wastes; generating a flexible low carbon form of energy; and replacing carbon-intensive artificial fertilisers.

“On-farm AD also supports farmers, supporting domestic food production and keeping jobs in the rural community. 200 plants on farms is a fantastic milestone for the UK industry, but it is vital that we build on these foundations.

“The on-farm AD industry has grown tenfold since 2009, but future is now in jeopardy as renewable energy support is reduced. With the right support from government it can deliver at least the same growth again – ministers should recognise this is a huge opportunity to support farming, boost British businesses and deliver our carbon reduction commitments.” 

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