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Speakers agree on urgency of climate measures

The resounding call from speakers in the opening session of today’s [12 Dec] ADBA National Conference is that the UK and the world need to act faster on climate change measures both to protect the future of our planet and ensure economic growth.

Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future, said: “What we are doing to correct climate change is patently inadequate,” that the UK needs to meet the challenge of joining up policy across energy, food and climate change, “the failure of the gas strategy to recognise green gas is staggering” and inconsistent with a low carbon economy.

Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Member of the CCC, said: “International action on climate change is too slow and out of step with the urgency required, the targets set by the CCC are not about being incredible stringent, but about giving us a chance.”

Steve Wallace, Aldersgate Group, said: “the timescale required for low carbon transition needs better more supportive regulation,” our long-term economic prosperity is dependent on getting the environment right.

Charlotte Morton, ADBA, said: “the potential benefits of a more sustainable economy far outweigh the risks of not acting.”

Speakers agreed that biogas has a huge role to play in this transition to a circular low-carbon economy, Prof Sir Brain Hoskins emphasised that biomethane has a particularly significant role to displace fossil gas where electrification is difficult and Jonathon Porritt declared, “I have totally bought into the potential for AD in the UK.”

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