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Welcome to the latest issue of AD & Bioresources News and AD & Bioresources International

The summer issue of AD & Bioresources News and AD & Biogas News International gives a taster of some of the fantastic things that will be happening at our annual trade show, UK AD & Biogas 2016 (6-7 July, NEC Birmingham, UK).

As always, we’re going to have a jam-packed two day programme of seminar and conference content, along with the first truly international trade show. Yes, 2016 is the year that ADBA has gone global. We know that our industry is well-placed to reach out across the world, and work with international partners within the UK.

UK AD & Biogas has always attracted visitors and exhibitors from overseas – indeed, last year 32 countries were represented. So this year, for the first time in its history, the show will also have a global remit, looking at what’s happening not just in the UK but around the world, demonstrating the diverse and innovative ways in which AD is helping to solve waste, soil, water, climate  and energy issues right across the globe. We will be welcoming more international visitors than ever before – including delegations from regions which are fast becoming AD hotspots – and featuring a greater number of global exhibitors.

Behind the scenes, we are continuing our efforts to support the AD industry here in the UK, with two launches due to take place at UK AD & Biogas 2016: that of our Best Practice Scheme (page 4) and of the Food Waste Recycling Action Plan (pages 34-35).

AD & Bioresources News also includes the usual array of informative articles, with our feature this month focusing on the importance of and methods for improving operational performance (pages 10-15).

Here's a snapshot of the contents of the latest publication:

  • ADBA News: p5-6
  • Best Practice Matters: p7
  • Regions: p8
  • Feature: Improving operational performance: p10-15
  • Advice Clinic: Digestate: p16
  • Technology Focus: On-farm AD: p19-21
  • AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2016 Preview: p22-23
  • UK AD & Biogas 2016 Preview: p24-25
  • UK AD & Biogas 2016 Conference Programme: p26
  • UK AD & Biogas 2016 Seminar Programme: p27
  • UK AD & Biogas 2016 Exhibitor Preview: p28-31
  • Members’ News and Views: p32-33
  • Policy: p34-35
  • Government & Agency News: p39
  • R&I Update: p40
  • ADBA R&I Forum 2016 Preview: p41
  • Membership Matters: p43-46

I hope you find this issue enjoyable and informative. If you haven’t contributed before and would like to, please turn to page 3 to see how you can be involved in our upcoming features. As always, if you have any views, comments or suggestions – or would like us to visit your site – please get in touch by email: or phone: +44 (0)203 176 0590. And I do hope you can join me – and the rest of the AD & Biogas world – at the NEC in July.

Kind regards,

Charlotte Morton

Chief Executive

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