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New survey: Benchmarking plant performance

ADBA have launched a new survey to collect AD plant performance data. The survey is comprised of six short questions regarding AD plant’s capacity, feedstock and operational capacity in 2020 and we asking operators and site managers to complete it.…

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MRW launches sexual harassment survey

With Covid-19 keeping hundreds of millions of people in lockdown in their homes and financial markets crashing, the societal problems of yesterday seem less relevant today. However, while we hold our breath in the wait for the Covid-19 crisis to…

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AD Market survey: Informing DEFRA policy

Members of the anaerobic digestion and composting industries are being invited to participate in a new study to map the market for organics recycling. This work has been commissioned by WRAP on behalf of Defra. It will be carried out by an independent research consultancy, Winning Moves, with the input of an advisory group including representatives of ADBA, REA, ESA and NNFCC. The final market survey report is expected to be published and publicly available in early 2020.
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Creating a biomethane market – what are your views?

The European Biogas Association (EBA) is conducting a survey to assess whether existing and potential biomethane consumers would be prepared to pay a premium over natural gas supplies, due to biomethane's renewable, sustainable, and environment friendly credentials. To this end…

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Energy for Future Transport survey

The LowCVP are conducting a short survey to help inform discussions on The Energy for Future Transport at their annual conference next week. They are seeking to understand the views of experts and informed stakeholders on the vehicles and fuels…

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