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Members Directory


AD4 Energy Limited

Woofferton Wharf Ludlow
Shropshire SY8 4AL

Primary Category

AD equipment or plant supplier

Products & Services

The anaerobic digestion plants are designed to closely match the client’s energy requirements and available feedstock. The purpose of the customised biogas plants is to eradicate surplus waste issues, generate clean and sustainable heat and electricity to help cut energy bills and to also provide a reliable revenue stream.

This technology is available for a multiple industries; including: agriculture, food manufacturers, breweries and distilleries.

AD4Energy’s services include, but are not limited to:

- Pre-contract support such as planning, permitting, pre-accreditation and grid connections;
- Planned preventative maintenance for both mechanical equipment and the biological process
- Corrective maintenance and emergency call outs, and;
- Technical consultancy 

The key focus of these services is to deliver an outstanding level of customer service through technical expertise in the small to medium-scale AD sector, an area which our employees have been prominent in developing within the wider AD industry.


AD4Energy is a British based business that offers clients a variety of anaerobic digestion based products and services to suit their energy requirements and business needs.

The company is built on over 50 combined years of anaerobic digestion experience. Specialising in the designing, building and commissioning of small to medium-scale anaerobic digestion plants, with the in-house capability of designing up to 2.6MW. This also includes gas to grid, heat only plants and biomethane for transport. Further to this we can also provide technical, mechanical and biological support to those with existing anaerobic digestion plants of any size.