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Bio-CO2 from non-waste AD plants

In our recent meeting with the EA, we had a long talk regarding bio-CO2 from AD plants. In line with the biomethane QP review, we are seeking AD operators', AD developers' and consultant's inputs regarding the following. ADBA will then…

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2023 Amendment for the GSMR

The biomethane industry is happy to see the publication of the The Gas Safety (Management) (Amendment) Regulations 2023, last week. They will come into force on the 6th of April 2023. The GSMR apply to the conveyance of natural gas (methane) through…

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Industrial grade CO2 BSI standard

Bio-CO2 from AD plants can be captured and sold to the industry. So far, many AD plants are selling their biogenic CO2 to different industries, including food and beverage. RPS255 gives some guidance in England to capture, store, treat and/or…

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News from the HSE

On monday 18th the ADBA had her quarterly meeting with the Health and Safety Executive.   Feedback from HSE visits They confirmed that the AD plants visits are going on until the end of March. A new set of 25…

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