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Noise and air quality assessment - Trumps Farm anaerobic digestion plant

Resource and Environmental Consultants provided Noise and Air Quality Assessments to support Agrivert’s planning application for an anaerobic digestion plant in Surrey.


The Trumps Farm facility will process approximately 48,500 tonnes of biodegradable waste per year, with the produced biogas used for generating renewable electricity for export to the National Grid. Resource and Environmental Consultants were approached by Agrivert to provide supporting information to ensure the proposals received planning consent from Surrey County Council.


Due to the rural nature of the site, concerns had been raised surrounding the potential noise from mechanical and electrical plant items associated with the scheme. Following a baseline survey at the closest residential property, Resource and Environmental Consultants determined suitable noise rating levels to ensure impacts as a result of the development would not be significant.

The Trumps Farm site is located close to eleven nationally or internationally designated sites of ecological importance. As such, Natural England had raised significant concerns that atmospheric emissions from the facility would harm sensitive habitats, including a large amount of Ancient Woodland. Resource and Environmental Consultants undertook a detailed dispersion modelling assessment to fully quantify changes in pollution levels at the relevant sites, as well as human receptors in the vicinity of the plant. This indicated that the facility would not cause significant air quality impacts and assured Natural England that the ecological sites would not be harmed as a result of the development.


Following Resource and Environmental Consultants’ involvement in the project, planning consent was granted for the proposals allowing Agrivert to proceed with the plant.

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