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Net Zero: Opportunities and Challenges

ADBA’s lead analysts Nick Primmer and Leanne Williams examine the government’s recent Net Zero strategy and assesses its inclusion of AD and the bioeconomy.   Click  to expand to full-screen. Click  to download the file to your device.  

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Biomethane and Hydrogen: Two green gases, one future

Biomethane and hydrogen are highly compatible sources of energy – each may be converted to the other using existing technology. Different energy pathways offer important benefits to the UK’s energy network, from reducing the carbon intensity of the grid to…

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ADBA Policy Report – April 2021

These are very exciting times to be working on a policy report for the AD sector. Despite the uncertainty on the format of the next UN Climate Summit and recent calls for a second postponement amid the raging global pandemic,…

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ADBA Report – Biomethane: The Pathway to 2030

Time and time again, prominent organisations with the ear of our government have highlighted biomethane’s vital role in the decade of decarbonisation: “There is no net zero without biogas” (EU), “It is a win-win-win-win-win industry” (UNFCCC), “A biogas plant is…

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ADBA Policy Report – April 2020

The word unprecedented has been used again and again in describing the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Unprecedented has also been the willingness demonstrated by the AD industry to collaborate to continue its work towards renewable energy production, reduction of GHG emissions,…

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