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Allison Engineering

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Address Unit 5 Cranes Close
Postcode SS14 3JB
Town Basildon
Region Essex
Country United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)1268 526161


AD Equipment or Plant Supplier , Biogas Desulphurisation , Gas Analysis Monitors , Instrumentation , Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control Manufacturers/Suppliers

Products & Services

Allison Engineering specialise in niche areas:-

  • Application of  ’thermal dispersion’ technology – Typical applications include mass flow measurement of Natural gas, Biogas & Combustion air. Thermal technology also extends to liquid & gas flow switches, typically used for pump protection, fuel gas & analyser sample monitoring.
  • Biogas analysers – Innovative biological desulphurisation technology for the AD & Gas to Grid industry.

Their service team are fully qualified to work on heavy industrial facilities as well as offshore oil & gas installations.

Allison Engineering offer a complete range of after sales support and calibration services for their range of mass flow meters, biogas analysers, bulk solids volume measurement systems.

You can view their range of flow and level measurement solutions at

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Established in 1979 Allison Engineering Limited specialise in the provision of innovative solutions for industrial process engineering applications.

Allison Engineering is a privately owned, family business that represents a select group of manufacturers specialising in industrial instrumentation and safety related products.

Allison Engineering began as a supplier of toxic and combustible gas detection equipment, mainly for the UK offshore oil & gas industry, but quickly expanded their product range and diversified into the power generation market as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Allison Engineering represent leading manufacturers of flow & level measurement solutions, adopting a customer focused approach to product specification and service quality. They have great provenance in implementing solutions that deliver increased profitability, improved safety and greater efficiency.

For your process control requirements call Allison Engineering on 01268 526161.

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