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Address Marinus Dammeweg 30
Postcode NL-5928 PW
Town Venlo
Tel +31 (0) 7732 32300


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Biogas Upgrading Solutions

Pentair helps farmers and food processing companies maximize methane yield to produce a cost-competitive economic value stream through our end-to-end biogas upgrading solutions.
In addition to our biogas upgrading solutions, turn waste by-product CO2 into a viable commercial product with Pentair CO2 capture and recovery technology.
Our membrane and amine-based biogas upgrading solutions have been built to suit the individual needs of your business, with the ability to upgrade small to large flows of biogas into biomethane.

Our Solutions:

  • Pentair BioBasic: upgrades biogas capacities of > 1000 m3/h.
  • Pentair BioPlus: upgrades biogas capacities of > 1000 m3/h in a more energy-efficient way.
  • Pentair BioComplete: upgrades biogas capacities of > 1000 m3/h in a more energy-efficient way and captures by-product COwith Pentair CO2Bolt-On.
  • BioAmine – for biogas capacities of 3000 – 6000 m3/h and beyond.

Quality Control Solution:
Pentair BioSENSE: Assists in managing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) contamination levels of your biogas.

Optional CO2 Recovery Solution: 
Pentair CO2Bolt-On: Capture and recover by-product CO2 when upgrading your biogas. Available as an optional bolt-on for BioCompact, BioBasic, and BioPlus.


About Pentair
Pentair designs, builds, installs, and services end-to-end membrane-based biogas upgrading solutions that produce biomethane and cryogenic and amine-based CO2 systems that capture and recover CO2.

We are committed to helping organizations make the most out of life’s essential resources and, in doing so, help minimize their impact on our environment.

Let’s work together to secure a sustainable future for you and our environment.


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