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£1m funding per project available from Agri-Tech Catalyst

Innovate UK have announced the latest round of funding available to innovation projects in the agricultural sector as part of the Agri-Tech catalyst.

Projects in the following funding categories may be eligible for funding:

  • Primary crop and livestock production, including aquaculture
  • Non-food uses of crops including ornamentals
  • Food security and nutrition challenges in international development
  • Challenges in downstream food processing, provided the solution lies in primary production


AD projects with a greater chance of success are therefore those that can integrate AD into new farming technologies such as aquaculture, algae production or advanced horticulture. Growing crops for AD in novel ways also does not appear to be ruled out.

These are for both 'early-stage' and 'late-stage' awards (depending on the level of readiness of the proposed concept or technology). 

Key dates are:

  • Competition briefing: 2 Jul 2015
  • Registration deadline: 13 Jan 2016
  • Submission deadline: 20 Jan 2016

Please contact me, Ollie More, for more information. 

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