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Biogas to become 'business as usual' says energy chief

This year the UK’s biggest dedicated anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas event, UK AD & Biogas 2013 (3-4 July, NEC), will highlight the significant contribution that anaerobic digestion and biogas can provide to securing the UK’s energy supply as a truly renewable source of biomethane.

Free to attend, this two-day trade show and conference, organised by ADBA, has been designed to help AD operators, energy network operators and suppliers to understand the opportunities and potential for anaerobic digestion and biomethane in the UK energy market, with tailored presentations answering questions on technology procurement, plant management, and the unique opportunities created by baseload electricity, heat and green gas from AD in the energy market.

David Smith, Chief Executive, ENA, said:

The biomethane industry could create significant growth delivering jobs, revenue and low-carbon energy in the UK. Because of the potential speed and scale at which biomethane could be delivered, there are also significant benefits for the UK’s energy security if this energy source can be realised. The networks are proactively seeking to make biomethane a “Business as Usual” process with clear industry and government will to diversify gas supply in the UK.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA said:

Biogas is one of the best ultra-low carbon domestically produced forms of gas. Energy companies are starting to wake up to this fact and recognise that anaerobic digestion isn’t small fry; it can deliver 10% of the UK’s domestic gas demand, helping to address security of supply, deliver green growth and jobs with biomethane worth £2-3bn to the UK economy annually, and the potential for a significant export market.

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