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EA permit refusal documents available

There has been fairly widespread coverage of a refused permit application for a large pig farm in Derbyshire today. Most of the media reports have focussed on the potential odour and pollution from the general operation of the pig farm, which were the principal reasons for the refusal. 

However, the plans also involved an anaerobic digestion plant, and the proximity of the plant to sensitive receptors is also mentioned in the Agency's decision document. Members who are interested can see the documents in full here.

Key issues identified as not having been properly considered include:

  • The need for the Odour Management Plan to consider all possible sources of odour on a site
  • Testing and sampling regimes need to be detailed, and set out how the results will be used


Among other things, this led to the following conclusion:

In summary the Applicant has not provided sufficient information to demonstrate that in principle odours from the anaerobic digestion plant could be effectively controlled at this location. As discussed above, there is a high degree of uncertainty over the design and operation of some of the key odour control systems. We are therefore not satisfied that odour will be controlled so as to prevent unacceptable pollution at nearby sensitive receptors. Whilst we understand that the Applicant may want to refine the proposals during final design they need to provide enough detail now for us to be satisfied that in principle there will be adequate measures in place to prevent an unacceptable risk of odour pollution beyond the installation boundary. They have not done that.

All latest news from the Environment Agency is now available here.

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