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EBA present the latest biogas production stats for Europe


The new EBA President presents the latest European biogas statistics – growth continues!

Speaking at the Biogas Convention and Trade Fair in Nuremberg newly elected EBA President, Dr Jan Štambaský said:

Over 13800 biogas plants and nearly 7,5 GWel of installed capacity is a significant contribution to Europe’s energy security and decarbonisation.


The electricity produced today from biogas in Europe could replace seven nuclear reactors in Belgium or produce nearly as much power as coal power plants in the Czech Republic.

According to the recently published EBA Biogas Report, there are already more than 13,800 biogas plants in Europe and the number is still growing. Even Bulgaria and Serbia – for a long time white spots on the biogas map – opened their first installations in 2012.

In contrast to previous years, the industry is currently booming in France, UK, Slovakia and Italy in particular, which doubled its number of installations from 521 up to 1264 within one year [2012]. A significant increase in biogas production has also been seen in the Czech Republic, although until 2020 no additional capacity will be added due changes in the Feed-in Tariffs for new installations. Similarly, a significant slowdown of biogas development has occured in Germany, where only 340 new plants were commissioned by the end of 2012 compared to the previous year when 1,270 plants were built.

On 14 January in Nuremberg EBA members elected new Chairman Dr Jan Štambaský. After five years as president Dr Arthur Wellinger is to step down speaking at the General Assembly Dr Wellinger said:

I feel that EBA is now mature enough to continue its mission under new leadership with young and dynamic executives. I am leaving the association in good hands.

David Collins from the UK’s Renewable Energy Association Biogas Group, has also joined the Board as an Executive Member.

It is now five years since the 11 national associations decided to establish European Biogas Association and since that time enormous work has been done to support the sector. At the end of September 2014 the EBA will be presenting its achievements and vision for the Europe-wide biogas development at its biannual conference in the Netherlands. This conference will look at biomethane production and use, digestate as a fertiliser and improving efficiency. The call for posters is open; please visit for more information.

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