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ElectraTherm's ORC fleet surpasses 50,000 hours runtime

ElectraTherm, a leader in small-scale, waste heat to power generation, surpassed 50,000 runtime hours on its Green Machine fleet. The Green Machine continues to lead the market for low-temperature waste heat to power (WHP) through its robust, proven organic rankine cycle technology to increase efficiency and maximise power output.

ElectraTherm’s Green Machine, generates fuel-free, emission free power from waste heat. Hot water enters the Green Machine between 77-116 °C (170-240 °F), where it heats a working fluid into pressurised vapor, using organic rankine cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies. As the vapor expands, it drives ElectraTherm’s patented twin screw power block, which spins an electric generator and produces up to 65 kWe.


John Fox, ElectraTherm, chief executive said:

As the small-scale ORC market advances, ElectraTherm’s position as a market leader with the runtime hours and greater than 97% availability is unmistakable.


ElectraTherm’s robust, patented technology has made us the key driver for low temperature waste heat to power technology for biogas plants, IC engines, geothermal sites and more.

ElectraTherm will exhibit at the Biogas Trade Fair in Hall 2, booth number 05.16. The event takes place January 29-31, 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. ElectraTherm’s Series 4000 Green Machine ORC will be on display.

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