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Funding competition: Agri-Tech Catalyst

Agri-Tech catalyst is a competition which has the aim of increasing the pace and scale of uptake of agricultural innovation by farmers in developing countries. The competition aims to achieve:

  • A sustained reduction of poverty and hunger for smallholder farmers
  • A sustainable intensification in developing country agriculture
  • Improvements in human health and diversity in diets and nutrition
  • A positive impact on rural income and food security
  • Opportunities for trade in agricultural products

We expect projects to range in size depending on the award category. Total project costs could be:

  • £150,000 to £400,000 for early-stage technical feasibility studies
  • Up to £1.5 million for industrial research
  • Up to £800,000 for late-stage experimental development

Projects should last between one year and 18 months for early and late-stage and up to 3 years for industrial research projects.

All projects must be collaborative and include both a UK and eligible developing country partner.

The competition opened on the 11th July and will close of the following dates:

Industrial research award category

Registration – Noon, 26th October 2016

Apply – Noon, 2nd November 2016

Early and Late-Stage Awards

Registration – Noon, 25th January 2017

Apply – Noon, 1st February 2017

Please click here for any further information.

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