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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Sugar Sugar for hard-working Börger pumps

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Sugar Sugar for hard-working Börger pumps

Following the proven, ongoing performance of three rotary lobe pumps installed in a key process at a sugar refinery, a further two units from Börger are to be installed at the plant.

Börger pumps convey massecuite (sugar crystals)

Two of the existing Börger pumps are utilised for white mass (sugar syrup with crystals), whilst the third pump also runs 24/7 (from August to May), but for a slightly lower grade of sugar. Both applications send the highly viscous solution (50-55% solids) to its final stage, where the syrup is spun off to reveal the end-product of fine white sugar crystals.

Increasingly prohibitive maintenance bills (over £12,000 per overhaul, per pump) and lengthy downtime had prompted the sugar refinery to replace three of its pumps. To further improve and streamline its pumping operation, the sugar refinery also ensured that the new pumps are all the same size (unlike the previous units), to reduce the cost of required spares.

A further four Börger pumps have also become an integral part of the sugar producer’s AD plant, which uses waste pulp beet as a feedstock for clean renewable energy.

At the AD plant that includes three digesters, receiving around 100,000 tonnes of pressed sugar beet pulp pa, the Börger pumps are utilised for the transfer of digestate.

Borger pumps have become an integral part of a sugar producer’s AD plant

At a separate sugar-beet processing facility, a Börger BLUEline EL 1000 pump has been installed after an old rotary piston unit failed. The Börger pump conveys massecuite (sugar crystals), with flow rates of 60 – 150 GPM @ 52 psi.

And to complete a hat-trick of new orders in highly viscous and abrasive applications such as the processing of magma, sugar syrup, and liquid sugar, a Börgerr BLUEline EL 1000 pump has commenced its role in unloading molasses (10,000 cP) from rail tankers.


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