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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Bock UK Ltd unveil new silage sheet

Bock UK, leaders in silage storage, are delighted to introduce our new, revolutionary seven-layered silage sheet – Super 7.

Super 7 is an all-in-one silage sheet that replaces the cling-film “oxygen barrier” and top sheet with one film.

Brand new seven-layer technology: thanks to an innovative production technology Super 7 is made of seven different layers, with each layer a different thickness (conventional films are made of only three layers). Due to this special mix of materials you get a silage film that is incredibly strong but still extremely smooth and flexible, which means the traditional cling-film layer is no longer needed.

Super 7 has an effective oxygen permeability of <2cm³/cm²/24 hours – conventional silage film has an oxygen permeability of 250cm³/cm²/24 hours.

We also have a new YouTube video, which you can view here.

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