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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Böck Super 7 Silage Film

Brand new 7-layer technology guarantees unique features (standard until today: 3-layer):

  • Barrier lm with less than 15ml/m2/24 hours oxygen permeability (DLG-standard: <250ml/m2/24 hours).
  • All-in-one: Replaces standard separate underlay- and silage sheet with only one lm 
  • Top layer: White – reflecting sun light, prevents from heating up the silage.
  • Bottom layer: Silver – extra UV protection.
  • Reduced manpower saves you time and money 

High-end quality:

  • Made of 100% virgin raw material
  • Guaranteed 18 months UV-stability
  • Extremely exible
  • Extremely strong and puncture-/tear resistant – Reduced thickness, 85 micron only
  • Fully recyclable 

Best silage quality guarantees:

  • Less cost of forage
  • Increased milking yield
  • Improved milk quality
  • Improved animal health
  • Saves money by reducing losses 


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