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Update: Doosan Enpure will be speaking at the Research & Innovation Forum in York

Doosan Enpure: Following their late 2015 acquisition and ownership of the intellectual property rights and know-how for the Ros Roca waste treatment processes relating to Anaerobic Digestion, Doosan Enpure is now also pleased to announce its membership of ADBA from February 2016. Doosan Enpure acquired the intellectual property rights which further strengthens their capability to offer Anaerobic Digestion EPC delivery and consultancy services outside of their core waste water project background. Doosan Enpure will now deliver full EPC and consultancy services projects for anaerobic digestion projects involving food waste, farm by-products and purpose grown crops. They can also bring past project experience in the utilisation of biogas via CHP, biogas upgrading, biogas boiler and district heating energy utilisation.

The acquisition includes some major references for projects across Europe and Asia including Spain, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, the UK and the first food waste anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting facility in Hong Kong. Doosan Enpure’s project delivery is fully backed by project and process guarantees from their Global Doosan Group parent company.

In addition to the actual process and technology rights Doosan Enpure have also employed Kevin Clarke, as Head of Business Development – Waste & Energy, who previously represented Ros Roca developing food waste anaerobic digestion projects in the UK and overseas. Kevin brings with him a wealth of experience in this sector and will be responsible for ensuring Doosan Enpure’s business penetration in this market sector.

Avtar Jirh, Managing Director at Doosan Enpure Ltd said:

We have been looking to expand our services and competitiveness to include food waste, farm by-products and purpose grown crops digestion and we are delighted to have secured the Ros Roca capability, which enhances our technology portfolio and offering to the market globally.

For further information on Doosan Enpure Ltd, please contact Kevin Clarke, Business Development Manager – Waste and Energy on 07920 537284 or

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