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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Getting more out of your AD plant

With less than a week to go until the UK AD & Biogas exhibition HUBER Technology are busy getting ready for this very important show. With the growth of anaerobic digestion set to play an increasingly important part in the UK’s renewable energy mix, process optimisation is seen as a key to delivering operational and bottom line business benefits to operators of AD plants. Backed up by extensive experience over the last 25 years in the UK wastewater treatment industry, HUBER Technology is flagging up the importance of getting more out of your AD plant.

Tony Clutten, Sales Process Manager, an AD specialist at HUBER Technology will be available to discuss with customers how process optimisation at AD plants can deliver significant operational and bottom line business benefits. Tony will also be presenting a paper at the upcoming UK AD & Biogas exhibition in the purple seminar room focusing on operational performance, titled – “why isn’t my plant running at 100%” and also a paper on organic recovery and landfill reduction in the R&D Forum both on Wednesday 6th July.

So where do HUBER products fit into the AD process?

HUBER pre digestion technology is used for:

  • Screening
  • Washing and compacting of reject material
  • Removing grit and glass
  • Imported liquid feed screening

HUBER post digestion technology is used for:

  • Plastics removal
  • Dewatering
  • Digestate cleaning
  • Treatment of filtrate

HUBER’s key message for the UK AD& Biogas is “getting more out of your AD plant” by optimising and improving plant performance by;

  • removing plastics and contaminants from Digestate (helping to achieve PAS 110),
  • removing grit / glass to improve digester performance and reduce wear,
  • recovering organics from depackaged food waste to improve gas yield and reduce disposal costs.

The company will have a full size HUBER Sludgecleaner STRAINPRESS® machine on their stand for customers to come and have a look and understand how the machine works. The HUBER Sludgecleaner STRAINPRESS® is proven technology and now widely used in the AD sector  to take out residual plastics that are left in the digestate that should be removed not only to meet PAS 110 but also for aesthetic reasons.

Key benefits are;

  • Helps meet PAS 110
  • Improved digestate quality
  • Dry oversize for disposal
  • Fully automated operation

The photos below are from a recent installation at an AD site in Wiltshire, where the HUBER Sludgecleaner STRAINPRESS® is installed between the digester and the storage lagoon using the head space available in the digester.

Proven technology with a successful track record at 9 UK AD sites and 326 in the UK wastewater industry.

HUBER’s ongoing development programme to further develop and test well proven equipment for anaerobic digestion plants is always focussed on meeting their customers’ requirements and providing them with the solutions they need to optimise their process and ultimately deliver demonstrable bottom line benefits.

To discuss how HUBER Technology can help your AD operation and to find out more about their wide range of pilot plants for trials and demonstrations please visit stand J502 at UK AD&Biogas 2016 or contact Tony Clutten Process Sales Manager Mob. 0752524521 Tel. 01249 765000 or visit our website

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