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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Puregas Solutions Fantastic Framework

The Danish energy company, Nature Energy, who recently commissioned 4 state-of-the-art biogas plants, has signed a two-year framework agreement with Puregas Solutions, and one other company, to supply upgrading technology for the company's future biogas plants. The agreement with these two suppliers, supports the continued optimization of Nature Energy’s strategy for the production of biomethane for injection into the natural gas network.

Nature Energy have elected to only use the well proven, highly efficient amine-based upgrading technology, to remove the CO2 from the raw biogas, which is primarily derived from manure and organic waste.

The upgraded gas will be injected into Denmark’s nationwide natural gas grid for heating and vehicle fueling.

CEO of Nature Energy, Ole Hvelplund, remarked on the cooperation agreement:

We have significantly boosted Danish biogas production, and can now send 45 million cubic meters of renewable energy to our consumers. In the next two years, as the Framework Agreement applies, we will increase this production through more plants, and become a leading player in the biogas market. We have an important task to continue to professionalize and industrialize the production process and operation of our plants, and we have chosen these suppliers as our partners based on their technical abilities and their well proven expertise.

Puregas Solutions manufacture and supply the unique CApure, chemical adsorption biogas upgrading process, capturing over 99.9% of the available biomethane in raw biogas, maximizing gas yields and revenues with a very low operational cost.

CApure technology achieves the highest methane recovery, reducing methane slip to less than 0.1%. There is no hidden additional cost or energy requirement associated with treating the tail gas and harmful emissions to the environment are avoided.

The long life, biodegradable organic solvents used in the CApure process are part of a closed-loop system keeping water consumption to a minimum.

Louise Halkjaer, Nordic Sales Manager, Puregas Solutions A/S commented:

This Framework Agreement represents a very strong endorsement of our team, our capabilities, and confirmation that chemical adsorption is the technology of choice for the future of biogas upgrading – 

With more than 20 years of experience Puregas provides fully integrated solutions for biogas upgrading and have over 25 plants already operating across Europe.

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