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Reminder for AD developers – Submit Your Response to DESNZ’s Request for Information on GGR Projects

On 26th June, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) unveiled its response to the 2022 consultation on Business Models for Greenhouse Gas Removals. As part of this document, DESNZ has also issued a Request for Information (RFI) from Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) projects interested in potential revenue support through the GGR Business Model in the future.

To this end, ADBA urges all AD developers to actively participate by providing essential information about their AD projects and deployment plans. The provided form, accessible through HERE, will play a crucial role in aiding the government’s understanding of the breadth and scope of AD projects expressing interest in the business model. Additionally, this data will ensure that the government possesses the most up-to-date evidence regarding the GGR project pipeline.

We want to emphasize that responding to the Request for Information is entirely voluntary, and it should not be perceived as a formal application for business model support. Participating in the RFI does not create any basis for expectations or reliance on future support.

As we move forward, pertinent information regarding the allocation process and eligibility criteria for the GGR Business Model will be communicated in due course. For comprehensive guidance, we encourage you to explore the provided form – Click here to access.

Please be mindful of the deadline for responses, which is set for 17:00 p.m. on 1st August 2023.

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