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What are our exhibitors working on?

UK AD & Biogas 2013‘s exhibitors are at the forefront of providing AD and biogas technology and services, building and operating AD plants across the country.

So, with only 6 weeks to go until UK AD & Biogas 2013 opens its doors, we asked exhibitors what exciting projects they’re working on at the moment. Here are some of their responses:

Cath Anthony, Bidwells

We have been supporting an agricultural 2.4 MWe plant from the concept phase, through planning and build that is now undergoing commissioning. The project has involved siting a significant heat user next door which changes the dynamics of the project.

You can find Bidwells at stand P03.

Will Wilson, Bock UK

We have recently introduced a safety rail that can be added to our systems using a unique ‘clip-in’ system. We think this will go a long way in solving our customers’ safety and regulatory requirements.

You can find Bock UK at stand E87.

Naoimh McMahon, Lukeneder GmbH Biogas & Tierhygiene

Ongoing research, which explores the impact of Deuto-Clear® Sulfo, by analysing the inside of fermenters and biogas machinery has found that it is highly effective at reducing corrosion and stress on biogas plant technology. This is mainly due to its preventative nature. It acts like a preventative medicine creating a healthy environment to support the archaea and anaerobic bacteria in the breakdown of feedstock, which makes the substrate more liquid in nature. This in turn prevents stress on the machinery of biogas plants. It also prevents the problem of corrosion as it removes hydrogen sulphide and ammonia gas from the substrate before it can cause problems for the rest of the system.

You can find Lukeneder GmbH Biogas & Tierhygiene at stand F103.

Adam Ricketts, SEaB Energy

SEaB Energy was last year selected from over five hundred applicants by the NASA backed sustainability initiative, ‘LAUNCH: Beyond Waste,’ as a provider of a global game-changing technology to address climate change, and scooped the 2012 ADBA Industry Award for Best Micro AD Project (<250kWh). As a consequence, SEaB Energy is now in the process of implementing a stream of products installations at customer sites on both sides of the Atlantic, a number of which will be publicly announced shortly.

You can find SEaB Energy at stand E07.

Steve Beal, Servomac

Servomac are currently working on an AD plant in Somerset which is a waste food site. We have recently and successfully completed several CHP schemes within the UK which all finished well within programme and budgets. Due to early involvement we also made cost savings for our customers after design reviews prior to manufacturing the pipework/condensate pots.

You can find the Servomac at stand A29.

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