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ElectraTherm commissions Green Machine at Czech biogas plant


ElectraTherm, a leader in small-scale, waste heat to power generation, installed a Green Machine at a biogas plant in Slapanov, Czech Republic, in its second collaboration with biogas plant constructor EnviTec. ElectraTherm and its distributor, GB Consulting, commissioned the Green Machine in January to generate additional power and increase energy efficiency on site, and the machine has accrued more than 2,500 hours with greater than 98% availability.

The Green Machine was added at a biogas power facility with a GE Jenbacher 700 kWe internal combustion engine running off manure and corn biogas. The Green Machine gets its heat from a water loop extracted from the Jenbacher’s jacket water and exhaust gas at 100°C. The machine produces 25-35 kWe, and excess heat is further used to supply heat to local buildings, assist in the digestion process and to dry wood.

ElectraTherm’s patented organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology begins with hot water entering the Green Machine, where it heats a working fluid into a pressurised vapor. The high pressure vapor expands through ElectraTherm’s patented twin screw power block, spinning an electric generator to produce fuel-free, emission-free power. After turning the expander, the vapor is condensed back into liquid through the use of a liquid loop radiator.

Lok Selveraj, Chief Executive Officer of GB Consulting, said:

GB Consulting has more Green Machines installed in the Czech Republic than any other ORC technology that we know of, we see a great vision for our future partnership with ElectraTherm, with 2013 being even more successful than 2012.

ElectraTherm’s Green Machine generates power from waste-heat, on applications such as biogas, IC engines, biomass, geothermal/co-produced fluids and solar thermal. ElectraTherm’s Green Machine fleet has surpassed ten years (87,600 hours) of run time with 98% availability.

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