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J Spence Seaman. MCIWEM

Current role: Climate Change Manager/ Co-ordinator at the Environment Agency for England, UK.

Brief biography

An Agriculturalist by training and a member of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management, most of my career has been spent in the field of environmental regulation with the Environment Agency and its predecessors.  I have spent some 33 years regulating industrial sectors, ranging from board manufacturers to Paper and Pulp, Textiles and Food & Drink sectors as well as inputting to European BAT reference documents for relevant sectors and the subsequent implementation of those standards.

Latterly I lead our work within Regulated Industry at the Environment Agency in climate change, covering both mitigation or net zero and adaptation. This work has resulted in me leading our work to develop and publicise an EA wide methane action plan which contains many action areas of relevance to the biowaste sector. I have also overseen our work to ensure operators are better embedding adaptation within their site management and I will be covering both topics at the ADBA organised event.



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