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CCC Advises Against Weakening Carbon Budgets   

According to the recent announcement from the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the UK has met the Third Carbon Budget (2018 to 2022) with a surplus of 391 MtCO2e, which is mainly assisted by the “economy-shrinking effects of the pandemic”. Despite…

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CCC Assesses Progress on UK Emissions Targets 

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) on 12th October, provided an update on the UK's progress towards its emissions reduction targets in 2030 and 2050. Their assessment highlights some positive policy developments but also increased risks of missing the targets following…

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CCC’s publishes its 6th carbon budget

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) last week released its monumental report “The Sixth Carbon Budget: The UK’s Path to Net Zero”, which explores five different scenarios that could successfully deliver the government’s carbon neutrality target by 2050. The report’s favoured…

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CCC report considers achievable zero emissions by 2050

Today the CCC has published its report on carbon neutrality, which calls for net zero emissions by 2050, to end the UK’s contribution to global warming and fully meet the country commitments under the Paris Agreement. The report acknowledges the…

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