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RHI consultation: ADBA plan of action UPDATE

Following the release of the RHI consultation ADBA has been running activities for members to share their views and, crucially, contribute their data and evidence.  The RHI consultation documents can be read on the government website and you can read…

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FIT for purpose?

Delays in FIT deployment Over the last few months ADBA members have been reporting severe delays in Ofgem approval of their FIT applications. The backlog of AD applications resulted from last summer’s reforms to the FIT, with many projects submitting…

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RHI consultation: updates from meetings

Following the announcement of the RHI consultation, have engaged with DECC this week to discuss issues around biogas and biomethane. Renewable Heat Industry Advisory Group: ministerial remarks DECC minister Lord Bourne joined a meeting of RHI officials and renewable heat…

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New DECC project with £300m to spend on heating networks

As part of the Spending Review, the government announced £300m had been allocated for the construction of heating and/or cooling systems in England and Wales over the course of this Parliament. To design the support to best apportion this investment support DECC have launched…

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