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Waste Policy Round Table Discussion

On 20 May, Rebecca Thompson, our Senior Policy Manager, spoke at a round table event on the UK’s Waste Policy Landscape facilitated by the Royal Society of Chemistry, focusing on the importance of Anaerobic Digestion in recycling food waste and decarbonising agriculture.
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ADBA responds to DEFRA food waste consultation

Responding to the government’s consultation on recycling consistency in England, ADBA has reiterated that AD is the best treatment option for food waste that cannot be prevented or redistributed to people or animals, a position supported by the government in…

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Case Study – Implementing AD for Food Waste Collections

Given the publication of the Government's consultations into implementing the Resources & Waste Strategy, ADBA are undertaking to demonstrate how local authorities can implement seperate food waste collections, and send that inedible food waste to anaerobic digestion. We are pleased to…

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Italian Biogas Inspiration

ADBA External Affairs Manager Jon Harrison was lucky to join a delegation to Lombardy last week, hosted by the CircE project and the regional government. There were attendees from several different countries, from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, France and Cyprus.…

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ADBA sets out views on RIIO2 price controls

Ofgem sets revenues for gas and electricity network companies through the RIIO process, this stands for Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs. Yesterday we submitted our response to Ofgem's RIIO-2 sector specific consultation on the price control for gas distribution, 'GD2'. You…

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