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Decoding the RWS consultation (III): garden waste

In Defra's consultation on consistency, garden collection is closely linked to food waste collection as both are organic waste and currently collected mixed by 12% of local authorities in England. If both are organic, why are not collected together? There…

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Decoding the RWS consultation (II): collection

Following last week's article on consistency, this week we want to open up the discussion on different collection systems as in the Consultation on consistency in household and business recycling collections in England. Defra's proposals to meet the ambitious municipal waste recycling…

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PRESS STATEMENT: Food waste recycling industry responds to Gove speech

Responding to a speech made today by Environment Secretary Michael Gove, Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA), said: "Michael Gove is absolutely right in everything he says about the scandal of food waste and the need for separate food waste collections to ensure that inedible food waste is recycled into renewable energy and natural fertiliser rather than being wasted in incineration or landfill."
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