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The Committee on Climate Change’s Sixth Carbon Budget report estimates that 260,000 hectares of agricultural land will need to shift support bioenergy production alongside carbon capture storage (CCS). Despite the recognised place for bioenergy crops in the CCC’s Budget, concerns about bioenergy crops remain at the fore, and can be a barrier to industry development.

The food versus fuel debate is a contentious, yet important one given the impending food crisis, as are the impacts of poor land-management on biodiversity.

Suggested aims:

  • To determine what a “sustainable bioenergy crop” looks like
  • Updating guidance and informing the industry and public on what constitutes sustainable bioenergy
  • Address the food versus fuel debate
  • Address Defra’s concerns on unsustainable bioenergy crops farming practices

Suggested deliverables:

  • Update the Good Crop Guide
  • Create position paper on ADBA’s support for sustainable bioenergy crops
  • Collate a central repository for evidence on sustainable bioenergy crops
  • Develop the figures on what could be considered a suitable volume of energy crops


Dr Nick Primmer


Future Biogas, Marches Biogas, AllTech, Enviro-Advice, Alps Eco Science, Omex, Earthcare, Bio Capital, Aeglt, Willen Biogas, Cranfield University, Granville Ecopark

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