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ADBA is the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association. Through lobbying activities, meetings with government officials, working groups, high profile industry events, educational material and more, ADBA aims to facilitate the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry’s growth. We’re helping the UK meet its renewable energy and waste targets and pave the way for a carbon-free future. Read more…

Latest news

“The value of biogas in the decarbonisation mix is underestimated”, says ADBA, the UK anaerobic digestion trade association, in response to the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy

"The value of biogas in the decarbonisation mix is underestimated", says ADBA, the UK anaerobic digestion trade association, in response to the UK Government's Net Zero Strategy The UK Anaerobic…

ADBA launch October 2021 Report and updated database of AD plants

Those of you who joined us at our 2021 Autumn Members Meeting today will have seen Lead Analyst Dr Nick Primmer presenting ADBA's new Policy Report and the updated database…

ADBA Policy Report – October 2021

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Industry Directory

Find AD developers, plant operators and suppliers. Connect and do business.

Notice Board

See the latest tenders, equipment sales and job vacancies. Post your announcements, too.

Policy & regulation

ADBA aims to grow the sector and garner government support.

Our team researches the latest trends and produces reports.

We put forward the industry’s views on the regulators’ consultations. We also help our members understand and achieve compliance.


Operator Support

ADBA has a dedicated Operator Support Manager along with workshops, peer collaboration and written guidance.

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AD Certification Scheme

ADCS is unique in the UK in that it assesses the all-round safety, environmental and operational performance of AD plants.

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Credit: Malaby Biogas


The industry’s top experts lead ‘Learning & Development’ and training workshops.

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Working Groups

By banding together, the AD industry directly influences government policy. We also meet with officials.

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Financial Advice

AD is a good investment, so find out how to secure funding.

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Insurance Advice

Protect your business with a specialist broker.

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Innovation & Development Advice

Bring down the cost of deployment, increase revenue, maximise environmental benefits.

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