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Out now: February Issue of AD & Biogas News

WELCOME TO THE FOOD WASTE ISSUE OF AD & BIOGAS NEWS The amount of food that we waste as a nation has recently made headline news, highlighting the urgent need to cut down the amount of food we throw away…

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Biomethane to grid – What are the challenges?

Injecting biomethane produced through anaerobic digestion into the gas grid has an array of benefits. It is one of the most efficient uses of biogas and reduces our reliance on imported fossil gas, thus contributing to meeting the UK’s renewable…

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What does it mean to be climate smart?

There have been repeated calls for a climate smart revolution in farming. A report by the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change published earlier this year suggested that agriculture needs to undergo fundamental changes if we are going to…

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AD & Biogas News Issue 14 Out Now

WELCOME TO THE SUSTAINABILITY ISSUE OF AD & BIOGAS NEWS With resource scarcity becoming a significant problem the November issue of AD & Biogas News highlights the growing need for individuals, businesses and nations to be more sustainable and to…

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