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ADBA's AD & Biogas Industry Directory 2012/13 is out now


As you can see from our third edition of the ADBA Members’ Directory, the AD and biogas industry is starting to grow at an impressive rate. For businesses looking to build AD plants or procure AD products and services this means not only a greater range of products and services but also a more difficult purchasing decision. This industry directory is intended to be a useful buyers’ guide to help you source the right products and services.

Available on our website, sent to over 7,000 contacts and circulated throughout the year at events including the ADBA National Conference 2012, UK AD & Biogas 2013, our R&D Forums, Members’ Meetings as well as partner events including Pro2Pac and the Energy Now Expo, our 2012/13 guide lists the complete who’s who of the wider AD industry.

The directory clearly shows the continuing excitement around AD which is being delivered on the ground by new AD projects as well as a surge in innovation in areas such as small-scale AD, gas to grid and transport. However, as you can read on our AD strategy page (p.5), to be able to fulfil the industry’s potential of providing 10% of the UK’s domestic gas, we need more consistent government policies, particularly in the areas of waste management, energy, farming, land use and sustainability.

In addition to lobbying for the policies we need to build an industry which successfully delivers its potential, my team and I will be working hard to bring AD to the forefront of those who will benefit most from the technology – the food and drink, farming and water industries, energy intensive businesses, the transport industry, local councils and even the general public.

I hope that you enjoy reading more about our members and ADBA and find our directory useful. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the next 12 months.

With best wishes,

Charlotte Morton
Chief Executive

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