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SSE at their Barkip Anaerobic Digestion Plant in North Ayrshire, Scotland wanted to remove the oversize material from their digestate prior to centrifuging and evaporating the Centrate for disposal. The plant was already operating so whatever was fitted needed to be retrofitted into the plant with the minimum of disruption and power consumption.  The AD plant handles a mix of up to 75,000Tonnes per annum comprising Animal manures and food waste and produces up to 2.5MW of electricity.

By careful design, Huber have managed to install their totally enclosed Strainpress® in the pipeline to remove the plastics and oversize from the sludge cake and Centrate without the need for an interim pumping station. The low headloss across the Strainpress® and secure segregation of the inlet and outlet points make the Strainpress® ideal for this application.

Figure 1 Huber Strainpress and gantry

Huber supplied a package comprising of a gantry to span the client’s waste skip, access stairs and controls. The platform was fully works assembled so that the site time and disruption was kept to a minimum with only the legs and the Stairs being assembled on site.

Figure 2 Cake discharge of the oversize from the Nozzle

The screened and compacted oversize is compressed to a cake of about 50% Dry solids thus minimising the disposal costs.

Figure 3 The cake contains plastics and fibres that have passed through the digester

Huber are pleased to have helped Zebec overcome this oversize solids removal and increase the chances of the plant reaching PAS110

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